The Ides of September

This past Friday, as we hurtled toward the Ides of September, there was a definite chill in the air that I hadn’t felt since sometime in early April. With fall just around the corner, and the deadline for my 2013 North Carolina State Fair fast approaching, I spent most of my weekend in the measurably cooler air, crocheting cookies.

Gone are the long, luxurious days of early summer. The time between sunrise and sunset which bookend my crochet day, gets shorter with each passing day, and enough of those days have accumulated since I began this project that the difference is noticeable.

Last Tuesday I had calculated that I needed 130 more cookies before I could begin assembling the project I call Cookieghan 2.0, and over the past three days, I managed to chip away at and make sixty of the cookies needed. That cookie count included this one large snickerdoodle-inspired cookie:

large crochet snickerdoodle
One large crochet snickerdoodle

and this assortment of fifty-nine small cookies:

Fifty-nine small, crochet cookies on the Ides of September
Fifty-nine small, crochet cookies on the Ides of September

There are, as can be seen, still a lot of ends to be woven and with the time between me and the October 14 deadline going by way-too-fast, I am doing all that I can to keep focused and calm.

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  1. Leaving a light on and sending mid season crochet mojo!! There’s also a warm cuppa on and waiting for you.

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