A wag of the hook

I’ve had to interrupt my regularly scheduled blog to deliver a wag of the hook to Mr. Stephen Colbert of “The Colbert Report.”

green crochet hook
A wag of the crochet hook

I had planned to write an entry about a book by Elizabeth Laird Matheson first published in 1946 titled The Complete Book of Crochet, but then someone alerted me to Mr. Colbert’s July 29, 2010, introduction to “The Report,” during which he states “Turns out a stitch in time does not save nine. I’d like to apologize to the nine people who drown while I was crocheting.” I thought it unwise to let his comment go unanswered any longer than it has.

While there is some comfort in knowing that Mr. Colbert crochets, and even more comfort in the fact that he knows the difference between crocheting and knitting, it is hardly fair to suggest that my beloved (and much maligned) craft would lead to an increase in drownings.

I would have asked Boo-Boo, the fearless amigurumi tiger, to deliver this wag of the hook, but as you can see, he is fending off a bear so Mr. Colbert can safely walk the streets of Berkeley, California:

crochet amigurumi tiger in the mouth of a bear sculpture
Bear attempting to eat Boo-Boo