Going around in (crochet) circles

One of the consequences of sorting through my stuff is that I am finding a number of long forgotten and abandoned projects, and it sometimes seems that with each project completed, two more unfinished project are revealed, the most recent revelation being this circle:

I start on a pet mat for Oreo going around in one crochet circle after another
I start on a pet mat for Oreo going around in one crochet circle after another

This circle is intended to be the top “cookie” of a crochet pet mat I am making for my next door neighbor’s dog, Oreo.

Oreo is a poodle/shih tzu mix who very much resembles a furry scoop of Cookies and Cream Ice Cream that can bark. She (along with her mistress) were two of the first beings to welcome me to the neighborhood when I arrived, and the circle above is the start of my effort to make a dog bed that resembles the delightful cookie for which she is named.

I made some progress on the above cookie going around in circles with the yarn and a crochet hook but most of my crochet efforts continued to be focused on Dotghan 1.5.

After discovering a row miscount that required me to remove a row of already appliqued dots and reposition and re-affix them to the afghan, I was back on track, and despite the slight snafu, I still made measurable progress and neared the half-way mark:

crochet circles for a crochet blanket based on the game DOTS
Almost halfway done with dotghan 1.5

I don’t yet know what projects will rush in to replace these when they are done, but I know that as I begin to clear more space, more will be revealed, and I can hardly wait.