How the 2014 World Cup crochet soccer ball came to be

This is a crochet soccer ball that I made:

2014 world cup crochet soccer ball
A crochet soccer ball ready for adventure

It was the third such soccer ball I ever made, and the 20 crochet hexagons and 12 crochet pentagons were inspired by the flags of the thirty-two participating countries.

Here is the series of blog posts I wrote that documents both my successes and setbacks in bringing this crochet soccer ball to fruition.

1. I finish the Flower Blossom Bag and get a start on a new soccer ball
2. A tisket a tasket, I start work on the eighth basket
3. An ever-so-slight dusting of spring
4. Of baskets, hexagons, and pentagons
5. Pollen, pollen everywhere
6. A long weekend
7. The return of firefly weather
8. Stitch N’ Pitch 2014
9. Errands, errands, and more errands
10. Summer vacation
11. A hurry up blog post
12. Space Camp 2014
13. The piecing begins
14. My 2014 World Cup soccer ball