So you want to make Samanta’s fat bag?

I recently (November 22, 2010) completed the fat bag designed by Samanta and posted at her blog, and as much fun as it was to make this bag, I’m assuming, dear reader, that you want to as well:

Samanta’s fat bag

The directions are in Portuguese, a language in which I have no fluency whatsoever, and my hope is that this page will help crocheters like me who want to make this wonderful bag before they learn Portuguese well enough to do so.

I have included links to the directions I found that made the project easier for me to complete so that if you want to make this bag, you can.

Here is a graphic provided at Samanta’s blog:

Graphic of Samanta’s fat bag

I started off with the mistake of not chaining a long enough chain. While the graphic shows 14 hdc in the foundation, the pattern calls for 32 hdc (I chained 33 and made my first hdc in the 2nd chain from the hook). The blue stitches are where the crocheter is supposed to notice that not every stitch is drawn. I did notice, but not until I had finished the body of the bag for the first time.

I frogged that, started over, and got this:

body of a crochet fat bag
Body of the crochet fat bag

Once I redid the body of it, the fat bag was ready to line. As a result, it sat for many months until I found “how to line your crochet bag” tutorial. Here is the result:

Future fat bottom crochet bag with the lining FINALLY sewn in
Future fat bottom crochet bag with the lining FINALLY sewn in

and here are links to Part 1 and Part 2 of my efforts to line (successfully I might add) this bag.

Once I had the lining in, I used this excellent tutorial from Bend Beanies to figure out how to gather the body of the bag and add the straps:

The finished purple crochet fat bag
The finished crochet fat bag

So, thank you to Samanta for sharing the design of her awesome bag, and thank you to the fabulous community of crocheters who took the time to share the knowledge they had gained making it.

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