, it’s not just for knitters!

Recently, I made item number 92 on my crochet bucket list; the lovely “Nubby Brim Cloche” designed by Eileen Tepper.

Here is how it came out:

textured crochet cloche
Nubby Brim Cloche in Peaches & Creme double worsted weight

nubby crochet texture
Detail of the nubby texture

While it was great to have completed something on my crochet bucket list, it meant that I needed to find something to add to it.

I searched my memory and headed over to the Berroco website, where I found not only a suitable replacement for item 92, but two additional patterns to fill spots 91, and 90.

The new 92 on my crochet bucket list is this cake that can be used to keep dishes dust free:

Berroco Buttercream Cake

Completely fanciful, fun, and calorie-free, Buttercream is a cake I definitely can’t pass up.

Number 91, on my crochet bucket list, is an object made from sock yarn and described as Celestine Crochet.

Berroco’s Celestine Crochet

I would expect that people who claim not to like crochet would like this object, if for no other reason, it looks like it would be fun to throw.

Coming in at number 90, is Cyanne, an open design for a bed cover that no doubt could be a real stash buster if you were so inclined.

Berroco’s Cyanne

One of the strengths of the crochet patterns offered at Berroco is that they embrace the sculptural and textural elements of crochet that crochet does well and that are a large part of what I love so much about the craft.

I can hardly wait to try that cake!