Two Viking helmets in time for Thor’s day

Today is Thursday, so it is fitting that I finished two crochet Viking helmets, one for my son and one for a friend of his.

Yesterday, after I had finished with my absolutely, positively must-be-done morning chores and walked the dog, I gathered together all of the pieces I had made so far. I was two horn plates shy of what was needed, but in short order I had them done, and I laid the pieces out for a final count before assembly:

crochet pieces for two crochet viking helmets
All of the parts for two crochet Viking helmets ready to be assembled

I started by weaving in all of the ends, and with the day’s various interruptions and obligations, I did not being the piecing in earnest until the start of the second games of the World Series.

Unlike the summer when I go to an actual ballpark to watch my beloved Durham Bulls play, my World Series viewing does not require me to keep an eye out for errant foul balls, so I was able to make substantial progress, and this morning, I got these photos of the completed helmets.

Here is the extra large worked in Red Heart Super Saver light gray and claret (with the horns done in aran):

crochet viking helmet with crochet horns
An extra large crochet Viking helmet

here is the “adult” size worked in Red Heart Super Saver light gray and charco (again with the horns done in aran):

crochet viking helmet crochet hat
An adult size crochet Viking helmet

and here are the two helmets posing for this last photo:

crochet viking helmet crochet hat
Two crochet Viking helmets chatting

There is something incredibly empowering in being able to take yards and yards of what is essentially a very long string and (using a crochet hook and MyntKat’s brilliant pattern) turn it into a Viking helmet (or two).