Crochet trebuchet

Yesterday, when I was not out running essential errands, I put the finishing touches on both the red and gray–and the gray and red–crochet Viking helmets, and that, in turn, launched me into a new project like a crochet trebuchet.

But before I digress to much further, here are the two Viking helmets:

Two viking helmets the finishing of which seemed to serve as a crochet trebuchet
Two crochet Viking helmets (for a baby)

As is apparent from the photo, the finished pieces demonstrate the power of colors and how a simple thing–like reversing which color serves as the base and which color serves as an accent–has a profound effect on how a finished piece looks.

What is not apparent from the photo is just how much crochet power was unleashed by finishing both hats. Like a crafting catapult, finishing the two crochet Viking helmets launched me toward a new, multipart project.

I recently purchased the Kindle edition of Mei Li Lee’s crochet book Hello Kitty Crochet.

I got the Kindle edition because the print version (which was published in 2014 by Quirk Productions) seems to have been an extremely limited run. I was able to find a copy on the used book market for $39.00, but that $30 more than the Kindle version, and I’d rather have the additional $30 to spend on yarn.

Unlike a print book, I did not have the same pleasure of paging through the physical pages, but in looking for a pattern to be the “first” thing I crochet from the book, I came across these two sugarbunnies:

The image of crochet sugarbunnys as seen on a Kindle reader.
Crochet sugarbunnys

I thought they were adorable and wasted no time giving the pattern a spin.

Before knew it I was already decreasing to finish the head, making a series of stitches known as invisible decreases.

Making an invisible decreased the head of an amigurumi sugar bunny

The invisible decrease is a great tool to have in your amigurumi making toolkit, and in short order I not only had the head crocheted, I also had one ear completed:

As I looked at the sugarbunny I was crocheting, I got the idea that maybe, just maybe, the ears needed to be complementary rather than symmetrical, so I tried changing things just a touch, and not only was I happy with the way it looked:

A pink sugarbunny head with two pinks ears served as a crochet trebuchet that launched me into a second new project.

finishing the second ear seemed to launch me (again, like a crochet trebuchet) right into yet another project.

The sugarbunnys are part of a larger gift I have planned, and part of that plan includes a large granny square blanket as the central piece.

To that end, I got started on the great granny square.

I had in mind colors for the first two rounds, and when they worked as I had hoped, I moved onto the third round.

I was, however experiencing some color indecision, and while I could have made a case for either of the greens:

A tale of two green yarns. One a little deeper and the other a bit lighter and a touch more gray.

Ultimately, I decided to go with the somewhat darker vintage green (top left), and when it came time for the fourth round, I was glad I had:

Craft Value turquoise yarn for the fourth round of a future crochet granny square blanket.

I still have a bag to finish, but I have no doubt that when I least expect it, one of these projects that I am working on now, will bring me back to it.

In the meantime, I will move forward, one stitch at a time.