The story of a one-skein felted crochet purse

This is a short crochet adventure that involves approximately 220 yards of a feltable wool, a 6.5 mm (aka “J”) hook, and this free pattern courtesy of Merri Purdy.

It is a story in which skein of yarn pictured here:

Patons wool yarn
Patons Classic Wool (currant)

is transformed into this:

felted crochet purse
A small currant crochet bag, felted and buttoned up to keep out the winter

Along the way, the project gets lost, the Internet goes out, and life in general attempts to thwart the creation of this bag, but the bag persists, and the forces of nature are overcome (eventually).

Episode 1: Racing Toward Sunset

Episode 2: I finish crocheting the make-up bag

Episode 3: I resume work on my permutations cat runner

Episode 4: Storm warning

Episode 5: The project basket

Episode 6: No estimated time of resolution

Episode 7: Creative disruption