Sometimes you get lucky

Recently I read an article titled, “Why Luck Matters More Than You Might Think,” and today I definitely found myself on the lucky end of things.

For me, May 2016 has been a whirlwind of activity. Time has gone past in a blur, and as I headed out on my last errand of the day from my home in an area know as “North Raleigh,” toward a neighborhood much closer to Raleigh proper, I decided to turn right on the second of three roads I could take toward my destination.

Listening to the radio as I made my way south, I learned that there had been a major accident at the intersection of third road where I most often turn to make this trip, and traffic was stopped in both directions on the road I would have been expecting to travel.

Then I had another bit of luck.

While I was feeling relieved that I had managed to avoid a major traffic snarl that would have most likely added at least 20 minutes to a 35 minute drive, I decided to stick with my “slightly different route” mojo, and instead of traveling down the road I usually take and that approaches my destination from the east, I decided to take another route that approaches my destination from the west.

Just because.

Again, luck was with me. I still had the radio on and as I arrived at my destination, I learned that there had been an accident at another intersection I would have had to navigate around to get to where I was headed.

So with all of the time I saved not driving into traffic at a standstill, I managed to finish a second crochet jellyfish:

crochet jellyfish amigurumi made with variegated yarn
Two completed crochet jellyfish having fun

and make substantive progress on two more:

two future crochet jellyfish amigurumi
Two future crochet jellyfish

Each day when we set out on the journeys that await us, we don’t really know how they will turn out, but hopefully we can continue to move forward one stitch at a time in all of our life’s journeys.