The story of a crochet granny square blanket

March 8, 2017
Dateline: Raleigh, North Carolina

About three years ago, my mom promised her then pregnant neighbor that I would crochet the impending arrival a baby blanket.

Well, my schedule slipped, and instead of a “baby” blanket, I have instead crocheted a “toddler” blanket.

Here is how it looked as I neared the finish:

The crochet finish line
So close!

And here is the story of how this Girly Girl Granny Square Blanket came to be:

Episode 1: A crochet strap and a new granny square project

Episode 2: A new theory of crochet

Episode 3: Medium thyme saves the day — maybe

Episode 4: Granny square reset

Episode 5: An irrepressible shade of pink

Episode 6: A granny square blanket grows

Episode 7: Thirty rounds done, six to go

Episode 8: A granny square blanket ready for adventure