A crochet strap and a new granny square project

My efforts to finish the crochet strap for the sangria granny square bag were not in vain, but they were also not quick.

After frogging my most recent attempt, I found myself with a messy clump of yarn looking for an opportunity to tangle.

Not wanting to spend time untangling the yarn I had frogged, I got out my blue M & M nostepinne and set to work. In what seemed like no time at all, I had wrangled the renegade yarn into a reasonably orderly center pull ball of yarn.

Here it can be seen with the nostepinne still in place:

a nostepinne yarn wrangler
Taming a potential yarn tangle with a nostepinne

and here is a look through the center:

yarn ball wound on a nostepinne
Looking through the center pull ball of yarn

With the tangle in waiting dealt with, I was able to get out a crochet hook and move forward.

Using a length of contrasting yarn which I caed through every other stitch along the edge of the strap, I was finally able to get all of the stitches where I intended them, and with that, I finished crocheting the flower festooned strap for the sangria granny square bag.

What I had not anticipated was just how much the finished strap would twist:

flower festooned crochet strap
A flower festooned crochet strap in need of blocking

Between the twist and the pet dander, I decided that at the very least, the strap needed a good long soak in warm soapy water so I could determine if the twist were a feature or a bug.

So I found a container the perfect size for soaking a crochet purse strap, and then set it aside where it could dry.

With the strap soaking wet, my afternoon was freed up to work on another project, so I got out a bag of yarns that I think of as my flamingo palette and got to work on a granny square blanket for the daughter of one of my mother’s neighbors.

I started with a rather predictable first two rounds: Red Heart Super Saver tea leaf followed by Red Heart Super Saver light raspberry, but then, by what daylight was left, I decided to go with what I considered a bolder choice (Red Heart Super Saver flamingo) over the more predictable (and to my mind safer) choice of Red Heart Super Saver cornmeal.

Figuring that I could frog it if it really didn’t work, I plowed ahead and to my delight I had a color progression that was subtle, but very compelling:

three color granny square
I get a start on a girly granny square blanket

When the sun rises on tomorrow, the crochet strap should be dry enough for me to determine if the twist is a feature that stays (in which case I will crochet more flowers to decorate the “other side” of the strap) or if it was simply the yarn behaving in a wild fashion before blocking, and when I can call that done, I will move forward with the flamingo granny square blanket — one stitch at a time.