Moving forward on a yarn bomb, one crochet panel at a time

They say that Rome wasn’t built in a day, so it stands to reason that a Day of the Dead yarn bomb worthy of the holiday can’t be crocheted in just one day–or even two or three– so I am moving forward one crochet panel at a time.

I take the pieces of it with me everywhere I go in the hope that the bits and pieces I get done will add up to an entire yarn bomb.

Yesterday I crocheted while I waited for my mother when she had an appointment, this morning I crocheted while I waited for the water to boil to make coffee, and this afternoon I crocheted until I was very nearly out of time:

My progress was not munificent, but I did move forward, and when I was halfway through crocheting a third panel, I set it aside and turned my attention to the large crochet flower I began two weeks ago when I ran out of yarn to finish it.

The yarn has since arrived and was sitting conveniently on my kitchen counter, but the flower has continued to languish. Could I, I wondered, finish the flower before dinner?

The answer, it turned out was “no,” but I did get four or five more petals crocheted along with this photo of the flower with a plain cement background:

Then, wondering how this flower would look on the new yearn bomb, I took and this photo with the half-completed flower atop one of the panels made with the aptly named variegated “fiesta” yarn:

And while I liked the look of the grenadine with the fiesta, the off-white center of the flower was not a good match for the vibrant background.

There is still plenty of work to keep me busy over the weekend, and I will continue moving forward one stitch at a time.