A stash bag for my stash

Having stumbled into this stash:

yarn stash
I take inventory of my recently acquired yarn stash

two questions came to mind.

The first was “where do I start?” and the second was “what do I crochet now?”

Last night I got a start by sorting through the varied array of yarns that were on my deck and grouping like with like.

There was acrylic, there was wool, there was worsted weight, there was sport weight, and there was rug yarn. There were blues and reds and browns and golds and an interesting assortment of variegated yarns. I managed to get most of it sorted before sunset and finished the work that remained by the glow of my porch light.

This morning I was ready to move onto the doing, and with an acquisition as substantial as this, I found it impossible to resist the siren call of the stash bag.

As my regular and long-time readers are aware, this pattern for a crochet stash basket from the Purl bee this has been a go-to project for me on many occasions, such that I have amassed this collection (which now includes several more):

a murder of crochet stash bags
A murder of crochet stash bags

Once I decided on what project I would work on, I knew immediately which yarn I wanted to use, and I reached for these:

caron dazzle aire vintage yarn
Vintage Caron dazzle aire

These skeins of a vintage Creselen® and nylon blend from Caron® called “dazzle aire” in a variegated colorway called “Limes,” was exactly what I needed. The first chill of winter has been upon us, and my hands and feet are ready to move (with or without me) to Florida, and this green and white yarn was the perfect reminder that summer will come again.

Happy to be working on a project, I decided I wouldn’t eat lunch until I had completed the bottom of the bag. Shortly after 12:00 pm, I had completed the bottom:

crochet stash basket crochet bag
The bottom of my newest crochet stash bag

After a brief trip to the store to pick up some candy for the trick-or-treaters who didn’t come, I got back to work and had made substantial progress by the time the sun was setting behind the clouds that had gathered:

crochet stash basket crochet bag
My newest stash bag-to-be shortly before sunset

I have the sense that this stash acquisition is going to be filled with unforeseen adventures. Something about working with yarn as it comes to you is liberating, and while I have no idea where this journey will take me, it is one I have every intention of seeing through to the end.