Generating finishing mojo

When I got up this morning, I knew what I wanted to get done, but I had trouble bridging the gap between thinking about what needed to be done and actually doing it.

Top on my list was to finish the eight remaining chair leg socks needed to outfit all of my kitchen chairs with fresh chair leg socks, but somehow, instead of making chair leg socks, I found myself doing other things, none of which got me closer to my goal.

Realizing that day might slip away from me entirely if I didn’t do something, I decided to clean a table that had been particularly hard hit by my state fair effort:

a yarn covered table
My messy table

I hoped that cleaning this table might be the key to unlocking some finishing mojo for the chair leg socks.

Here is how it looked ten minutes into my effort:

the same table after ten minutes of cleaning
Ten minutes into my cleaning effort

While the situation had improved, the table was still not ready for prime time or visitors, so I put another ten minutes into cleaning it to see where that got me.

Stripes came over to inspect my work:

after ten minutes of cleaning
My messy table after 20 minutes of work

While I clearly wasn’t done, it did seem I was getting closer, so I continued.

Here is how it looked after another ten minutes:

thirty minutes into my cleaning effort
My messy table after 30 minutes of clean up

and here is how it looked when it was finally done:

a table transformed
My formerly messy table

With my table cleared off, I had no more reasons to put off the chair leg socks, so I got to work, and as I started on the first of eight, I realized that it would be much quicker to do them in an assembly line fashion, and in relatively short order, I had the first three rounds of eight chair leg socks crocheted and in need of having the starting ends woven in and trimmed:

eight future crochet chair leg socks
Eight chair leg socks-to-be with ends in need of weaving in and trimming

From there, the weaving in of ends when quickly:

crochet chair leg socks in progress
Eight chair leg socks-to-be with the ends woven in, trimmed, and ready for the next step

Leaving me to finish the five final rounds of chair leg sock-to-be, which I did.

Here are the eight chair socks I finished today in a group photo with the five I finished earlier in the week:

thirteen crochet chair leg socks
Thirteen chair leg socks

and now that all of the chair legs socks for my kitchen chairs are done, I can move onto what is next.