A busy crochet weekend

This past weekend was one of those “so much crochet, so little time” sorts of crochet weekend.

It started Friday morning when I printed out a 20% off total purchase coupon for Jo-Ann Fabric.

I planned to use it to buy some Sweet Rolls from Premier Yarns. Each skein/sweet roll is 245 yards of worsted weight yarn comprised of three colors in lengths of approximately 41 yards that repeat.

There were a number of interesting colorways to choose from, but the one that really caught my eye was the “Peaches and Cream Pop,” so using my 20% off coupon, I purchased two:

sweet roll acrylic yarn
Premier yarns peaches and cream pop sweet roll

Not sure what to crochet with my newly purchased yarn with the long lengths of color, I eventually settled to make Zooty Owl’s day trip scarf. Using the new yarn and a 5.5 mm hook, I got a start on the scarf:

roadtrip crochet scarf
A future roadtrip scarf

I was pleased with my progress, but as other crochet adventures awaited, I had to set it aside.

An exhibition of the work of Peter Max was scheduled at The Mahler Fine Art in downtown Raleigh, and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to meet Peter Max and and get my copy of The Peter Max Book of Crochet signed by the master himself.

After an early and quick dinner I made my way to downtown Raleigh with my copy of the book safely tucked into my bag (crochet of course).

After 10 minutes of searching for a parking space, I found one on the street. After a few deep breaths to help me gather any parallel parking chi that might be available, I maneuvered my car into the parking space which was just a couple of blocks from the gallery, where, to my delight, I met Peter Max himself and got my copy of his book signed:

Peter Max crochet book
My newly signed Peter Max crochet book

After what was for me a rather heady and busy crochet weekend, when I finally sat down with my flower power motifs, and in the wake of that crochet hubbub, working on the motifs was very soothing.

By the time sun set on the weekend, I had four in various stages of doneness:

crochet power flowers
Four future power flowers

and had finished work on one flower motif:

grape fizz crochet flower motif
A newly completed power flower

which I then got a photo of with other completed power flower motifs before the sun set on the day:

fiver crochet flowers
Five power flowers ready to go

Like so many weekends, this one went by way too fast, but I will continue to move forward as I always do: one stitch at a time.

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