At my son’s trumpet lesson

Today was filled with interruptions: errands to run, telephones to answer, a dog to walk, and a teenager to be nagged. The entire universe, it seemed, needed my attention.

But not for long. Just a quick stop, a few items. No one interruption took a lot of time, but all of them together seemed to take all of my time.

Then, at the appointed hour (or 45 minutes in this case), we arrived at the trumpet teacher’s house.

It has been several weeks since my son’s last trumpet lesson.

First we left for Space Camp followed by a detour to Buchtafest 2012. Then the trumpet teacher, a working musician, had place to go, obligations to meet, performances to make.

Finally we found a small bit in the space-time continuum that would allow my son and the trumpet teacher to once again share 45 minutes, and while my son played his scales and exercises, I sat in the relative solitude of the trumpet-mom corner, ready for the only uninterrupted time of my day.

I came prepared.

I had brought the center motif to one of the the two square motifs for my 2012 North Carolina State Fair project which needed the ends woven in:

A crochet square with ends to be woven in
A center square before weaving in the ends

and I brought a small ball of boysenberry Red Heart Love Yarn, left over from the Bright Squares Art Throw design I sold to Red Heart:

A scrap of yarn
Red Heart With Love boysenberry yarn scrap in need of a purpose

By the end of the lesson, the previously messy center motif had been transformed:

Textured crochet square with the ends woven in
The same square with the ends woven in

and the small bit of yarn that I did not know what to do with had become one of the four corner triangles of Amish quilt inspired state fair project:

small textured crochet triangle and large textured crochet square
The line along which the smaller triangle will be attached to a square to form one of the corners of the afghan

It isn’t always possible to transform the world in 45 minutes, but sometimes you can transform your corner of it just enough to make a difference.