Ringing in the New Year with my Dunkin Donuts bag

If the day I had today was a harbinger of the year to come, then 2011 should be a very good year.

It wasn’t just the sunshine or the calorically extravagant lunch.

Another highlight of the day was that finishing my Dunkin’ Donuts bag.

Made with my 3.5 mm Etimo hook and Red Heart Super Saver colorways Shocking Pink, Pumpkin, and Coffee, the bag has been an idea rattling around in my head for years now, but today, sometime shortly after noon, I attached the second handle, wove in the last end, and the idea that took up residence in my brain years ago, finally came to fruition.

I promptly took the bag to a Dunkin Donuts near my house for a photo op.

Here it is outside sunning itself:

granny square crochet bag
My Dunkin Donuts crochet bag in its natural habitat

Here it is inside the Dunkin’ Donuts just relaxing under the mural while waiting for a cup of coffee:

granny square crochet bag
My crochet bag chillaxin under the mural

Finally, the coffee arrives and my bag grabs a window seat:

My crochet bag ringing in the new year with a cup of coffee
My crochet bag ringing in the new year with a cup of coffee

As is most likely clear from the recitation of a day in the life of my bag, my bag and I have quite a bit in common, and I am sure we will enjoy many adventures together in the upcoming year, and I hope my dear readers enjoy whatever adventures await them in the new year.