The pieces of a boho granny square cardigan

Until I came across the pattern for this boho granny square cardigan, I didn’t know that I needed one so badly. But now that I’ve seen it, and now that sweater weather is upon me, I have to have it—now!

But as with anything, the foundation of which is a multicolor granny square, now doesn’t mean “this instant.” Instead it means “Now you have to work on your sweater” and that now stretches from one day to the next—at times it seems unending.

But since there is also “no time like the present,” after I finished my Thursday night blog post, I immediately went back to work on the sweater, and I spent Friday morning finishing up the strip of six squares that are the center component of the sweater’s hood:

The back panel and the start of a hood fora  boho granny square cardigan

Up until that point, I had been looking at the pattern on a “need to know” basis so that I would not be overwhelmed at the work to be done, but what was up next were the 20 four-round granny squares that comprise the two front panels, and I struggled to juggle all of the colors I was using.

I started by laying out the one-round centers, and then choosing the colors for the second round. I completed that work and then went onto the third round, then, this afternoon, I got as far as the fourth (and final) round and finished work on all but four of the twenty squares:

The twenty squares that form the two front panels of a cardigan

Wanting a sense of my progress, I laid out all of the pieces of the future sweater and took this group photo:

An overview of a future boho granny square cardigan sweater

I am still struggling to balance all of the colors, but, as Wilma Rudolph noted, “The triumph can’t be had without the struggle,” and if my struggle the colors is any indication, the result could well be epic.

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  1. I love the granny square and love what you are doing with it. I also have question for you have you ever made a temperature afghan. I love the idea but wonder if this is something I might regret starting

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