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  1. Could you please tell me where I can get the written pattern for the child’s crochet psychedelic circle jacket that’s on the crochet bug web site. I’ve tried everyday for hours to try and find it but unfortunately I can’t find I’ve. Please can you help me
    Thanking you
    Joan Smith

  2. Ann Halliday, I am looking for your pattern for the Lacy Fans afghan, it was published in 1998 apparently but the booklet is no longer in print and I can’t find the pattern any where online. Please point me in the right direction. I recently saw a blanket someone made with the pattern and fell in love with it. Thank you.

  3. Thank you so much for the half African flower hexagon. I love this pattern! I had finally gotten three rows of motifs together when I realized I need a half! yikes! Your pattern worked out fine. Thank you for taking the time to help.

  4. It is hard to see the single crochets that you used to join the front and back of the granny purse. Did you turn the bag inside out? Whenever I used single crochet to join sides they turn out bulky and ugly.

  5. I saw an old blog (2015) for a granny square basket… was a pattern ever posted? If so, would it be possible to get a copy?

  6. how did you join bits of yarn together to make a ball of scrap yarn for the ripple? it is the neatest thing ever!

  7. Just wondering if the pattern for “cookieghan” is available for purchase? Thanks so much!!

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