The joy of making a multicolor granny square cardigan

After I finished my last blog post, I continued working on the sixteen-round granny square that forms the central motif of the back of the multicolor granny square cardigan I am making.

I had already laid out the colors, and I decided that despite the fact there was no daylight left in the day, I would trust that my color choices would work, and I would persist in my crochet.

I crocheted into the night, weaving in ends as I went along, and the next morning, after I had fed my cat and walked my dog, I was ready to take a photo of the finished central square:

The central crochet square for a multicolor granny square cardigan

Satisfied with the overall look of the central panel, I turned my attention to the remaining four, four-round granny squares that comprise the rest of the back panel.

I had in mind a some color goals that I wanted to achieve. As usual my color vision slowed me down a bit—-but only a bit—and if I am going to wear this sweater, I want it to be as close to perfect as I can make it. As a result, I frogged a little here and there before I achieved what seemed to me to be color distribution perfection:

The back panel of a scrap yarn crochet cardigan

In joining the four smaller granny squares both to each other and to the larger central panel, I used the join-as-you-go-method recommended by Annah Haakt, the designer of this sweater. I am not usually a fan of join-as-you-go because it doesn’t allow me to lay out all of the finished squares to decide what colors I want where, but I thought that the more free-flowing nature of the join was a good fit for the overall design, and once I got the hang of it, I thought of some uses for the join that I had not previously considered.

With the back of the sweater done, I moved onto the hood, which (because I was thinking of how the hood will look when attached to the back of the sweater) went very slowly, but eventually, I made progress:

A multicolor granny square cardigan begins to take shape

I am looking forward to finishing this multicolor granny square cardigan before winter arrives, and I will continue forward, one stitch and one square at a time.