A Peter Max inspired palette for a granny square cardigan

With the five crochet sugar skull yarn bombs in the rear view mirror, I woke up this morning wondering “what next?” As I searched my closet for just the right outer garment to put between me and the increasingly crisp fall air, I decided that a Peter Max inspired granny square cardigan I had been coveting since August would be just the thing.

I had already purchased the pattern.

I had already selected the palette:

An assortment of yarns for a Peter Max inspired palette

All I had to do was crochet it!

And even there, I had gotten a little work done having crocheted twenty one-round granny squares, but over the ten or so weeks since I purchased the pattern, all of that had been pushed aside for other more urgent projects.

Not only had the project been pushed aside, I was hard pressed to find the AARP cover that had been the inspiration, the yarns I had selected to make it, and the pattern was buried somewhere in a figurative pile of PDFs on my computer.

But with fall definitely in the air, I wasn’t about to let anything get between me and a multicolor cardigan. I sorted through piles of yarn, putting away things I wouldn’t be using, I sat at my computer using assorted search terms, one of which finally brought up the missing PDF, and last, but not least, I found the plastic bag of twenty one-round squares sitting on my desk, apparently where I had left them.

Then, in the interest of being at least marginally efficient, I laid out a sequence of sixteen colors and got to work. A couple of hours and a few color indecisions later, I was eleven rounds into the sixteen round square that is the center of the design of the back of the sweater:

The central piece of a granny square cardigan

And then, to make sure I was on the right track, I checked to see how it looked with the one-round squares I had gotten done:

An eleven round granny square with twenty one-round granny squares

It looks to me like this is going to be an epic sweater, and I can hardly wait to wear it everywhere I go.

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