Weather or not

It was a dark and stormy afternoon, or at least that is how it ended.

Beguiled by sunshine and clear skies in the morning, I went about the day’s errands without a thought for how I would get a respectable picture of my progress for tonight’s blog post.

I had even consulted today’s weather report from the people I trust to get me through hurricane season and keep me informed of any school closings or delays. The forecast read as follows:

Sunny this morning with greater cloud cover this afternoon, and a small chance for some showers with the passage of a cold front. Breezy this afternoon with highs in the lower 80s. Our front blows by this afternoon and with limited moisture there may be some limited showers and perhaps an isolated storm. These showers will be widely scattered so not everyone will get wet but everyone will get the cooler air once the front clears the area.

(I have added italics)

As I drove toward home, I could see storm clouds gathered in the east.

When I pulled into my driveway, I found my front walk dry and my back deck damp from a light rain. However, the large, gray wall of westward moving clouds in the east pretty much guaranteed that there was a good chance that the “limited showers” and  the “isolated storm” mentioned in the day’s report were headed my way.

Within 45 minutes of my arrival home, my outdoor office was soaked:

outdoor crochet office in the rainy weather
My outdoor office in the weather during an isolated shower

and the storm had even made it to the front of the house where this puddle formed:

the weather forecast for rain puddles
A puddle in my front yard from an isolated shower

Despite the fact there was no sunshine in sight, I decided that I needed to take a photo as soon as possible because the light was only going to be diminishing further as the storm continued. After taking a dozen or so photos, most of which were less than satisfactory for a variety of reasons, I finally got this one:

crochet squares crochet blanket
One of my attempts to photograph my 2011 North Carolina State Fair crochet project

And while the light is not the best, the photo accurately documents the progress I made today.

When the sun rises on the first day of October, there will be just 9 full workdays for this project, and one half-day to remove as much cat hair as possible and turn it in to the powers that be.

I don’t know exactly how I will get from this moment where I currently find myself to the state fair parking lot, but I don’t really have to know how I will get there as long as I continue to move forward and do the work I need to do to get there.