Working outside my comfort zone

I am, by my nature, drawn to bright colors that (to my mind) invigorate the soul, so my current, previously stealth, project which at this point is comprised of a number of smaller gray squares joined to make larger gray squares, goes a bit against my grain. I am, to say the least, working outside my comfort zone.

As I work one square after another, I have to resist the urge to add a touch of purple or a splash of orange, here, there, or anywhere, because I know that there is a place in the universe for an expanse of a quiet color and that this is one such place.

So I resist the temptation, and (for the time being) get my color fix elsewhere while I work one gray stitch after another, and today which was overcast and damp, was the perfect day to be working on my no-longer-stealth project:

gray day, raleigh, north carolina
A gray day

Inspired by the view, I took hook to yarn and made as many squares as I could.

And by the end of the day, here is one view what I had done:

One view of the gray crochet squares that are outside my comfort zone
One view of the gray crochet squares that are outside my comfort zone

and here is another:

textured crochet squares
Another view of the gray crochet squares

I have a long way to go before I can call this project done.

At last count I was fifty-three small squares shy of what I will need for the project as a whole, but I know that along the way the project will begin to reveal itself, and I will learn things both about myself and crochet. In the meantime, I will move forward, one stitch at a time.