Strike me pink Mamy crochet bag

I started this bag one Bastille day with high hopes, a 3.5 mm hook, and a vast array of brightly colored yarns from my yarn stash:

crochet hexagon crochet tote
My finally finished Mamy bag!

While not technically challenging, this project resisted my efforts to finish it, but I persisted, and finish it I did.

The following thirteen blog posts explore how this project got made.

Episode 1: Celebrating Bastille Day with crochet

Episode 2: The Mamy/Mary Poppins Bag

Episode 3: When projects won’t complete themselves as quickly as one would like

Episode 4: The continuing saga of the bag that refuses to be completed

Episode 5: The fabric of our lives

Episode 6: What comes next

Episode 7: I make progress on the bag that refuses to be finished

Episode 8: I close in on finishing my Mamy bag

Episode 9: A little thinking can be a dangerous thing

Episode 10: Harnessing yesterday’s mojo

Episode 11: The return of the Mamy bag

Episode 12: Unfinished business

Episode 13: Strike me pink!