I close in on finishing my Mamy bag

The day is not here yet, but I am slowly, and steadily closing in on it — it being my most recent crochet project to evade finishing: my Mamy bag.

Today, after I had fueled myself with both coffee and breakfast, I got out my project du jour and photographed it before I set to work:

crochet hexagon motifs for a crochet mamy bag
My crochet Mamy bag to-be in the morning

Then, I spent the next hour finishing up some of the hexagons I would need, but leaving them unattached to the body of the work so that while my youngest son performed with another member of his choir a the monthly meeting of a local service club, I would have something that was at least somewhat portable to work on.

Happily, both the performance and crochet went well, and when we returned home, I once again spread out the panoply of Red Heart Super Saver yarn that I have amassed and began the protracted process of deciding which colors to use and in what order for additional hexagons I needed to make.

By the time sunset neared, I had gotten this far:

crochet hexagon motifs for a crochet mama bag
My crochet Mamy bag to-before sunset

Clearly, a fair amount of my crochet time tomorrow will be spent weaving in ends.

And after I weave in the ends, finish the body of this bag, and arrive at a solution for the handles, what will I do next?

No doubt I will, at some point, finish this small crochet soccer ball project, the pieces of which I found while working on this bag:

Five crochet hexagons crochet soccer ball
Five crochet hexagons for a small crochet soccer ball


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