A blue hat for David

This morning started as early as it usually does but with a twist of hectic that is unusual even for me.

Yesterday, my mom was offered an appointment at 8:30 this morning. She usually tries to avoid appointments that put us in rush hour traffic, but time was of the essence, so she took it.

As the designated driver, I had just under an hour after walking my son to the bus stop this morning to get breakfast, walk the dog, pack up my crochet, and do whatever household chores I could fit in before leaving.

Lucky for me, I had already started work on another hat design from Sarah Arnold (aka Rheatheylia) for my cousin David, brother to my cousin Robert.

Like Robert, David too suffers from schizophrenia. Unlike Robert, tangerine is not David’s favorite color, so I went with some a bit more muted: Red Heart Super Saver blue suede.

I also decided that I would like to try out the Lattice Hat design (another free pattern courtesy of Sarah Arnold/Rheatheylia), and other than a user error problem that occurred because I was in a hurry and managed to gloss over the directions about how often and where to increase in round 6, it went very well, and by the time my mother was done with her appointment and subsequent x-ray, I had gotten this far:

blue textured crochet hat
What I crocheted while waiting for my mom

When I got home, my dog Clooney was ready for another walk, and I was ready for lunch. Once we sorted out our walking/lunch schedule, I set aside the hat and took a few moments to work on my African flower hexagon meditation. By the time my son got home from school, I had completed the hexagon:

crochet flower crochet hexagon
The twenty-ninth crochet hexagon

and joined it to the rest of the meditation:

african flower crochet hexagon meditation
Day 29 of my African flower hexagon crochet meditation

But my son’s arrival home meant that it was almost time to head out to his trumpet lesson.

I grabbed the Lattice Hat I had worked on earlier in the day, and we hit the road, running errands here and there as we wended our way across town.

I was able to put the time of his lesson to good use and finish three additional rounds of the Lattice Hat:

blue textured crochet hat
Additional progress made while waiting for my son

We don’t every really know exactly what tomorrow will bring, but when it comes, I will have a crochet project ready to bring along with me.