I make progress on my fourth practically perfect bag and begin work on a sixth

Then last couple of days have been a whirlwind of activity some of which as kept me from working on my fourth practically perfect bag — not the least of which was having the tree that got hit by lightning last week taken down. Here is how it looked yesterday shortly before three o’clock in the afternoon:

tree hit by lightning July 2015
One last look up at the tree before it came down

and here is what remained just over an hour later:

tree hit by lightning removed
Down to the stump

I was sad to see the tree go, but I also knew that after that lightning hit, the tree was going to come down one way or another, so having it taken down before it fell seemed the safer option.

With predicament of the tree resolved, I turned my attention to the fourth bag in what has become my practically perfect bag series.

What was (to my mind) most in need of doing was to make substantive progress on the thirty-six two-round granny squares needed for the straps and edging.

To my delight, I did exactly that, ending the day just six shy of what is needed to finish the bag:

granny squares for a crochet bag handle
Thirty of the thirty-six squares needed for the fourth practically perfect bag to be

I even got the seams of the body of the bag joined, and it is now almost ready for lining. Here is the view of one side:

One side of my fourth granny square crochet bag
One side of my fourth granny square crochet bag

and here is the view of the other:

The other side of my fourth granny square crochet bag
The other side of my fourth granny square crochet bag

With state fair season so close, you would think I would be able to resist the siren call of a new project, but late Wednesday afternoon, I found myself attending an outdoor function to which I could bring crochet, so I did.

Here is how I set myself up:

granny square crochet blanket and crochet purse
I prepare to engage in some lawn crochet

and here is what I got done until it was too dark to crochet:

two psychedelic crochet granny squares
Two five-round psychedelic granny squares

I keep thinking that each bag I start will be the last, but it would seem that this bag is not done with me yet, but come Saturday, I will have to set all these bags aside, and whatever is not done will have to wait.