The return of firefly season

Firefly season is (for me) often accompanied by too many things to do, and this year is no exception.

I began to recover in earnest from a lingering cold just in time for the 22nd annual band banquet at my son’s high school.

It is a lengthy affair organized by the year’s junior class, and every year, no matter how chaotic or smoothly things seem to run during the dinner, the end is always rather abrupt and hurried as someone notices that we have just a half-an-hour (or less) to clean up our mess, pack up our stuff, and get out so the janitorial staff can leave by 10:00.

So I would have been ready to sit and crochet all day Saturday, but my life would have none of that, and I instead worked on a long overdue project that was not crochet, and while I managed to get a few stitches completed before going to a Saturday night baseball game, my progress was not particularly impressive, and when all was said and done I had just a handful of two-round squares to show for myself.

Today the demands of life once again interfered with my efforts to take over the world with crochet, and again my progress was modest, but I did finish one five-round square:

crochet granny square
One five-round granny square

and added a few more two-round squares to the handful I had completed yesterday:

ten crochet granny squares
Ten two-round granny squares

I don’t think my hands will ever be as productive in life as they are in my imagination, but each day I do what I can to move forward, one stitch at a time.