Trying to stay on the crochet track and almost succeeding

I began the weekend with the best of intentions. I was going to work on my second Day of the Dead yarn bomb, and nothing, nothing was going to get me off of the crochet track. Except something did.

I started off doing what I had promised myself I would do: tying up loose ends.

The first loose end I attended to was the large crochet flower that had been waiting to be finished–first because I had run out of yarn, and then again because I had started on the second Day of the Dead yarn bomb.

This time, however, I was determined to let nothing get in-between me and finishing this flower, I harbored the notion that finishing the flower would generate some much needed finishing mojo, so I got to work and finished the flower:

A very large crochet flower to use to decorate a crochet yarn bomb
A finally finished very large crochet flower

Happy to finally have it done, I then got ready to take a photo of it with its two other companion crochet flowers.

It wasn’t quite as easy to do as I had hoped. An afternoon breeze had picked up, and it was most likely to gust as soon as I had the yarn bomb ready to be photographed.

I would then scramble down from the step stool I was using because my arms (although proportional to my body) are took short for me to be able to take the photo without the step stool. Finally, after enough tries, I managed to circumvent a couple of breezy gusts and get this image:

A Day of the Dead crochet yarn bomb with three large crochet flowers
Last year’s Day of the Dead yarn bomb with this years large crochet flowers

All of which lead me back to the crochet track I had intended to stay on: my second Day of the Dead crochet yarn bomb with a skull crocheted from variegated yarn.

And I did a pretty good job of staying on track until I didn’t. As I finished work on the fourteenth of sixteen squares, I realized that I have plenty of time to finish both yarn bombs before the Day of the Dead.

A nearly completed Day of the Dead crochet yarn bomb made with variegated yarn for the skull
A second, nearly completed, Day of the Dead yarn bomb

So after I finished work on the fourteenth square, I thought I would get busy designing a yarn bomb for the upcoming Ballon Fiesta which starts on Saturday.

Getting a little off the crochet track and using graph paper to plan a new crochet yarn bomb with hot air balloons
Planning a new crochet yarn bomb

Obviously, I have room for improvement when it comes to staying on a particular crochet track, but I will continue to move forward, one stitch at a time.