Missing: one day

I got up this morning with great intentions, and even greater expectations.

I would read a book, clean the kitchen, crochet a dozen cookies! and that was just the beginning of my mental to-do list.

The book on my “to read at this very moment before it is due back at the library” was Aneta Genova’s Accessory Design. Borrowed under an inter-library loan program, my neighbor had recommended it, and while I loved the parts I read, the last few weeks have been chock full of things to do, and this morning, with the due date looming, I grabbed it from my dresser and began to read as much as I could in the hour-and-a-half of free time that I had before I had to get turned in.

The book is an amazing compendium of everything I ever wanted to know about accessories — awesome little tidbits (the design of a 1920s cloche was such that when worn as intended, the wearer would need to affect a particular stance and head tilt in order to see out from underneath it) as well as clear illustrations and equally clear descriptions and explanations. On a five star scale, the parts of this book that I read rate six stars.

Bottom line however, I will have to borrow the book again and finish it to learn more of the awesomeness contained within.

So after the dog was walked, my son fed, and the grocery shopping done, I finally sat down with my yarn and hooks in an attempt to get work done on the dozen cookies I had imagined I would crochet today.

I finished this one sugar cookie with sprinkles:

crochet sugar cookies
One crochet sugar cookie with sprinkles

and these three cookies inspired by the Girl Scout Lemonades™:

three lemon crochet cookies
Three Lemonades

seen here huddling together seeking respite from the heat:

four crochet cookies
A four crochet cookie day

I had thought that when I got up this morning, I would certainly finish more than four of the 40 cookies still needed for the cookieghan, but I didn’t. The day seemed to have melted away in the heat of the summer sun.

So now I am down to the last 3 dozen cookies I am so close to assembling this project, I can taste it.