The long and short of it

As I work my way through the two nearest balls of scrap yarn in my collection:

two yarn balls made by tying yarn scraps end to end
Two balls of scrap yarn

I have come across more than one yarn scrap that is shorter (under 8″) than what is optimal for the project I am currently working on. So I unknot those scraps and pull them out of the yarn ball they are a part of and set them in a pile while I re-knot the ends of the longer scraps and continue on my way.

Eventually, however, I find that it behooves me to compile the shorter ends into one length of scrap yarn which I can then wind into a ball of “shorter” yarn scraps, but all of that was interrupted today when my cat, Stripes, had a cat emergency.

The long and short of it was this: crochet would have to wait while I attended to the needs of my cat.

I won’t go into the details, but suffice it to say it was messy, required the attention of a veterinarian, and Stripes was sufficiently uncomfortable that she let me hoist her into a utility sink so I could wash off some of the mess.

After I got an appointment made and found her cat carrier, we were on our way:

my cat stripes in her cat carrier ready to go to the vet
Stripes on her way to the vet

and while she wasn’t exactly happy with me, she also did not give me as much grief as she usually does. I don’t know if it was the pain, or if it was just that I was her ride and she knew she needed one, but she even impressed the veterinarian with her cooperative spirit.

After her treatment was completed, we headed home.

I got her situated:

My cat stripes with an uncertain glower as she acclimates to the cone of shame
Stripes and her cone

and I was able to return to working on my crochet.

I started by tying the shorter ends together so that they would not get lost and collect any more pet hair than they already have:

The long and short of some yarn scraps
The long and short of some yarn scraps

then I worked as many rows as I could before the sun set on the day:

a traditional back loop only ripple crochet blanket made with yarn scraps tied end to end
The scrap yarn crochet ripple afghan shortly before sunset

While it does, in many ways, seem as if this project is moving quite slowly, the truth is, before I know it, the two yarn balls I have been working from will no longer exist, and then the hunt for scraps in my yarn empire will once again be on, and the long and short of that is then I will be tasked with finding even more yarn scraps.