Easter 2020

When I was a little girl, I never imagined that one day I would be as old as I am, and I certainly never imagined that if I got to be this old that I would experience the sort of holiday that Easter 2020 is turning out to be.

As I go about the business of my life in the midst of a pandemic, I find myself reflecting on how much of life has changed and how quickly.

I look back on all of the travel I did over the past year; all of the times I reached out to touch a rail to steady myself as I made my way up a staircase or down an escalator, and how–for this moment in time–all of those things I did without thinking are now things I wouldn’t’ dream of doing without wiping everything down first.

The world has been turned upside down, by something that we can’t see, but the presence of which is felt every single day, and it is in the midst of that upheaval that I am more grateful than usual for the familiar.

Whether it is walking the dog, weeding the yard, or sweeping the floor, I have a deepening appreciation for the mundane. How wonderfully marvelous it is to be able to do the ordinary.

And it is with that in mind that I found myself exulting in my latest granny square project—a great granny square blanket.

Pandemic or no, I still find choosing the exact right color for a round to be a challenge, but as result of the pandemic, I am in no hurry.

So when it took me an hour to try out all of the possible colors that did not work as well as this one:

Five rounds in on what will be a thirty-six round multicolor great granny square blanket

I felt absolutely no stress about it.

I had photographed the various colors I tried so I could look back and know with certainty that I was moving forward with the right color, but there was no rush, and when I finally finished the fifth of what will be 36 rounds, moved onto the sixth:

Six rounds in on what will be a thirty-six round multicolor great granny square blanket

Then, because I wanted to work on something a bit more straight forward, I resumed work on Mei Li Lee’s amigurumi Sugarbunny pattern, and I got all of the pieces made:

A pink crochet sugarbunny for Easter 2020
A crochet Sugarbunny

There is still ends to be woven in and trimmed, crochet pieces to be stuffed and sewn together, but I am hoping that when the pandemic abates, I will have something to look back on and say: this is what I accomplished–one stitch at a time.