Baby steps

After managing to clean out one bag in an effort to organize my crochet office, I decided to plow forward in the hope that I would awaken to 2016 with a fully functional place to get my work done. It was, I believed, one of those moments that called for baby steps — small incremental changes that would lead to an organized office.

I started by taking a photo of the table I use:

my clutter crochet desk
My office: December 28, 2015

As is clear, the table that is supposed to function as a desk, instead serves as a catch all for everything.

There are partially completed projects, scraps of paper with miscellaneous notes about projects that I have worked on or want to work on, and any number of partial skeins of yarn.

With so many places I could begin, I decided to start by sorting the yarn which was not the most inspiring of projects. I worked for hours, untangling skeins that had become tied up with one another, rolling the resulting yarn into balls, and then sorting the balls and putting them away.

It was not a quick and easy job, but eventually, I created some clear spaces on the table, and as that happened, I unearned some projects that I ought to finish.

I found this nearly completed crochet goat in need of one leg (I still might find that on the table):

crochet goat amigurumi goat
A crochet goat in need of a fourth leg

These two textured rainbow squares inspired by a motif I designed for my 2012 North Carolina State Fair project:

multicolor textured crochet squares
Rainbow textured crochet squares

A shark flower (inspired by Shark Week) and a smaller textured rainbow square (inspired by the larger textured square):

shark crochet flower motif
A shark flower and a smaller textured rainbow square

And when I tired of all that sorting and organizing and putting away, I reached for my copy of Ami Ami Dogs (which was also on the table), sorted out the problems I was having crocheting a muzzle, and made a little bit of progress toward completing the Rainbow comfort shawl:

crochet muzzle
Ami Ami Dogs and a crochet muzzle

As for my office, when I looked back on the past day’s efforts, I had managed to locate some actual table top; enough, in fact, that my cat stripes was able to find a place to sit and survey my work:

stripes the cat oversees my decluttering
My office: December 29, 2015

There is, obviously, more to be done, but I just might have my office ready for the new year.