The second practically perfect bag begins to take shape

Yesterday, I spent much of my crochet time working out the details of the second ten-round granny square for my second “practically perfect granny square bag,” and to my delight, the second square was as wonderful as the first.

Here is the finished second square all on it’s own:

ten round granny square
A second ten-round square for a second practically perfect granny square bag

here it is with the other square with which it will form the visual anchor of the completed bag:

two ten round granny squares
The two ten-round squares

and here it is with all of the other squares that will form the body of the bag:

granny squares for a crochet purse
The two ten-round squares in a group photo with the five-round squares

With all of the pieces of the body of the bag crocheted, the next item on my to-do list was to track down fabric for the lining.

Pleased with how well the double lining had worked for the first “practically perfect granny square bag,” I went back to the fabric store nearest my house (Wish Upon a Quilt) and selected these two beauties:

fabric to line a crochet bag
Two fabrics for the double lining of a second practically perfect granny square bag

While I think the fabrics are gorgeous on their own, I like to think that both square number one:

granny square with fabric
The fabrics with one square

and square number two:

granny square with fabric
The fabrics with the other square

add depth and highlight the lusciousness of each fabric.

With the fabric for the lining selected, I then turned my attention to the thirty-six two-round granny square I will need to finish bag, and while I didn’t quite finish with this effort, I did make substantial progress:

purse strap granny squares
Thirty of the thirty-six two round grannies needed for a second practically perfect bag

Tomorrow is, for the most part, going to be a rainy day — just the kind of weather that is perfect for piecing granny squares and sewing a lining.