Three-and-a-half rows to go

I am done with the three squares.


Not only have I finished Squares 31 and 32:

two large double crochet panels for a crochet mural
Squares 31 and 32

I am just three-and-a-half rows away from finishing Square 121, and it is much more square this time around:

large graphic double crochet square for a crochet mural
Square 121 three-and-a-half rows from completion

But wait! There’s more!

Not only am I nearly done with the three squares I signed on to crochet for Olek’s Love Across the USA Raleigh, North Carolina, but the neighbor I persuaded to join me in this effort, finished work on the square she took on — square 73:

large orange double crochet square
Square 73

As it happens, her personal gauge for this project is exactly right, and while she initially had to practice crocheting a bit more loosely than is her custom, eventually she it got sorted out, and so this afternoon, while she finished work on the last three rows of her square, I divided by attention between continued work on Square 121 and short breaks to throw a ball for Trixie to fetch:

a chihuahua ready to play fetch
Trixie the chihuahua, ready to play

After my neighbor finished up her square and headed out to run an errand, I gathered my things together, went home, and set myself up on the back deck to continue work on the elusive Square 121:

working outside on a double crochet square
Crochet en plein air

I had hoped to finish the square before sunset, but shortly before six o-clock, I realized that was not to be. Early evening errands loomed, so I brought my materials into the house and then got some group photos of the squares I had been working on.

I have not worked on a project like this before where the individual elements are so dependent on the other elements to form a whole, so I wanted to take some photos of the squares together, even though on the finished piece they won’t necessarily be adjacent to each other.

I started with this sideview of the completed Square 73 and the nearly completed Square 121:

two large double crochet squares
Squares 73 and 121

and then I got this photo of all four squares together:

four large graphic double crochet squares
Four crochet squares

I don’t yet know exactly what it is I am going to learn from having worked on this project, but I am certain I will be able to put it to good use in a future crochet endeavor.