In which I begin to climb out of the rabbit hole

Of late, it seems that every crochet project I begin leads me in pursuit of yet another project (or two) without getting the first completed, and today, when I began work on my crochet, it seemed like I was going to go even deeper into the crochet rabbit hole.

It started when I looked over the pieces of my three granny square bag-to-be and decided that before I could go any further, I needed to get the straps figured out, so I googled the words: crochet purse straps.

Those words, in turn, eventually lead me to Romanian Point Lace cord, a technique I have used to good effect in the past, but which I use so seldom that each time I use it, it is like the first time.

This morning was no exception.

While I waited for the sun to rise, I watched various videos about how to make the cord, and eventually happened on this tutorial which got me headed in the right direction:

romanian point lace crochet cord
A length of Romanian point lace

and then I found this video that explained how to make a slight modification that makes the cord even rounder:

Secure in the knowledge that I now had the skill of “Romanian Point Lace” cord in my head firmly enough that I would not have to relearn it the next time I wanted to use it, I moved on to crocheting the companion C-1 square for the Craft Smart yarn sangria bag-to-be.

I had been stuck for several days and did not seem to be in danger of making any progress, but this morning, after the sun had risen, something finally kicked loose, and I was able to move forward.

I started with two rounds of a Red Heart With Love Pink with a round of Caron United fresh green:

crochet circle
The first three rounds of a new C-1 square

Then I went with a round of my favorite Red Heart Super Saver neutral, grape fizz:

crochet circle
A grape fizz fourth round

I followed that up with a round of Red Heart With Love boysenberry which was then framed with a round of Red Heart Super Saver shocking pink:

squaring off a crochet circle
Two more rounds of the future crochet square

After a lot of mental gymnastics spent trying to figure out which four colors I would use for the corners, I found some notes I had made while working a previous attempt and went with those with included a vintage yellow, Red Heart Super Saver pumpkin and pool, and more of the Caron United fresh green:

crochet square with four crochet triangle corners
The four crochet triangle corners of a crochet square

Then I found myself in the home stretch with just three rounds left to crochet, and I managed to get one of them done before the sun set on this penultimate day of October:

Multicolor granny square crochet
The first of the three final outer rounds of crochet square C-1

So for the first time in weeks I began to not only move forward, but to return to where I have been — making my way, one stitch at a time.

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