The last day of June

Summer is — as has every summer of since I became an adult — flying right by, and while it seems like the summer solstice was just yesterday, it was, in fact, over a week ago, and here we are, already at the last day of June.

Gone are the long, languid days that seem to stretch on forever. What I am left with is a life that seems to be on a freight train going down hill, picking up speed with every inch I move forward.

Such is the life of an adult, and it is with that in mind that I worked on the twenty-seven remnants that I was gifted.

I tried not to hurry for two reasons:

It doesn’t help me get where I am going any faster
I am more like to make an error that necessitates reworking

And for the most part, I was able to keep myself from hurrying, but at some point, impatience got the best of me, and I knocked over a cup of coffee which soaked at least half a dozen of the squares, my traveling crochet kit, one notebook, and a book I was reading.

Also, I no longer had a full cup of coffee.

But I decided that I needed to turn my impatience into a positive, so I soaked all of the rehabbed squares in water that had not been used to make coffee and got them all blocked:

Twenty-seven crochet remnants nearly rehabbed on the last day of June
Twenty-seven crochet remnants nearly rehabbed on the last day of June

Which left me with the nine-patch that I had been working on just before the twenty-seven crochet remnants arrived:

Nine crochet remnants halfway though rehab
Nine crochet remnants halfway though rehab

There is still more work to be done on this journey to a thousand rehabbed crochet squares. I have a couple of dozen ends to weave in, a few remnants to track down and then rehab, but I am now closer than I have been to finishing this project, and when the last end is woven in and trimmed on these two groups of remnants, I will have just forty-five rehabbed crochet squares to go, and I can hardly wait.