A practically perfect flamingo granny square bag

I made this bag as a hostess gift for my cousin Lois.

The first time I ever came to visit her house as an adult, this was the sight that greeted me:

The pink flamingo in the rain
The pink flamingo in the rain

I was completely entranced, and once I crossed the threshold of the door of her home, it was as if I had entered a sort of adult fairytale world with all manner of decor and, it would seem, a flamingo in every room. A couple of years later when I came across this fabric:

flamingo fabric
The outer and inner linings of a future bag

I knew I had to buy it and make her a bag.

So I did.

What follows is the story of how I made this flamingo inspired granny square bag:

flamingo inspired granny square crochet bag
One side of the completed bag

for my much loved and admired cousin, who, sadly, left this world far too soon.

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