Flamingo fever

With so many WIPs still to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one, but if I learned anything from the dueling WIPs of March, it is that it is easier to work on one project at a time; although as the number of WIPs that seem populate every corner of my house attest, I am not usually able to do that.

But since my efforts at focusing on one WIP yielded such good results with the fourth practically perfect granny square bag, I decided to pull out the pieces of the flamingo-inspired bag I began on July 3, 2015, and get to work.

Not too long ago I had come across eight (of sixteen) five-round granny squares I need to make the bag. The squares needed their ends woven in and trimmed, so that is what I did.

Today, using those recently completed squares as both a guide and inspiration for color, I raided a stash of one-round granny squares that I had already completed and got to work on the second round.

Here is how they looked after my hook had worked it’s magic:

flamingo granny squares for a crochet purse
Working on another batch of five-round granny squares

With the second round of the eight squares completed, I set out an array of colors I wanted to use in the third round:

granny squares and yarn
The two-round grannies posing with color contenders for the third round

and paired the colors with the squares I thought they would look best. Then, using my hook and my current favorite crochet tension regulator, I got to work, and before the sun set on my Thursday, I had the third round of all eight squares completed:

flamingo granny squares
The eight former two-round granny squares with a third round

and I even had the ends woven in and trimmed.

I don’t know what is compelling me at this point: a desire to complete as many WIPs as possible or an inability to stop making practically perfect bags, but either way, I am enjoying the progress that can be made one stitch at a time.

3 thoughts on “Flamingo fever

  1. What is the brand (I’m assuming Red Heart, but then we all know about assuming – haha!) and color of that creamy, light, sort of yellow yarn that you are using? I love it! Matter of fact, in your photo there are two squares which are absolutely singing to me, melodiously calling out my name. They are top row, second square from the right (the large square edged in pink) and also third row, the second from the right (the large square edged in aqua). So beautiful. Wonderful Springtime colors!! Do you still have the bands?

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