In which I finish the fourth practically perfect granny square bag

According to my projects page on Ravelry, I started work on this bag on May 25th of last year.

By the time I wrote my first blog post about the project, it was May 26, 2015, and this was how far I had gotten:

two crochet granny squares
Seen here with the first five-round granny square

For some reason, I didn’t finish it in June or July, and then August 1 arrived, and as that is generally the “opening day” of my state fair crochet season, everything that was not my state fair project got set aside, and so the pieces of this bag had been languishing in yet another bag for quite some time.

I had hoped to finish the bag on Sunday, but I didn’t.

Then I thought I would finish it yesterday, and again, I didn’t.

Today I began with high hopes tempered by reality.

I made a mistake joining a string of four squares where I did not intend to join them, and that would have (had I left it “as is”) created a couple of unfortunate color situations, so I dutifully undid the mistake and then put it together as I intended.

Then, in the early part of the later afternoon, I found myself so close to done, I could taste it:

crochet bag
The fourth practically perfect bag ready for assembly

With my bent-tipped Clover yarn needle, I resumed my work, whipstitching here, weaving in there, and then finally trimming any errant ends.

And then, after ten-and-a-half months of working here and setting aside there, the project was finished, and here it can be seen in all of it’s wondrous crochet glory:

granny square crochet purse
One side of the fourth practically perfect bag

granny square crochet purse
The other side of the fourth practically perfect bag

When I set out to make this bag, I had no idea it would be six weeks and one day shy of a year long project, but it was, and while it took me longer than I expected, it now ta-done, and when the sun rises on tomorrow, I will choose from among my many worthy works in progress, and continue to move forward, one stitch at a time.

5 thoughts on “In which I finish the fourth practically perfect granny square bag

  1. Vibrant! The woman who carries this will turn a few heads. I think you can leave off the practically and just call it the perfect bag. Great work.

  2. Absolutely love all the gorgeous colours you’ve chosen. It’s fabulous,and I hope to try out your pattern for myself. I’m laid up at the moment and this has given me the lift I need to kick-start my crocheting motor again. Thanks!!

  3. Love this one! And am interested in hearing more about the few moments of yellow. Given your very deliberate working with color, I suppose those were deliberate. Perhaps there is a post on color choices somewhere earlier. Will search your archive… 🙂

  4. Sure hope one of these “Perfect Bags” makes it into the State Fair competition this year!

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