The fourth bag begins

The last few days I have been fighting off what feels like a summer cold, and while I am not getting done anywhere near as much as I would like, I am also reminded of summers at my maternal grandmother’s — her home being the subject of last year’s state fair project:

crochet granny square picture afghan
My completed 2014 North Carolina State Fair crochet project

On the occasions that I took ill at my grandmother’s during my summer visits, she would attempt to kill whatever it was that was making me sick by smothering it. She accomplished her goal by sending me to bed and wrapping me in blankets until the illness has passed.

Her house, unlike mine, was always in perfect order, and while I spent part of the day working to tame the chaos that is my office, eventually I tired of it, and I slipped out onto my back deck to enjoy what was left of the day light and get at least enough done that I could feel as though I had made progress.

I have started on a fourth bag and have decided to use only solid colors so I can get a sense of what the variegated yarns add, but choosing the colors is no speedier than before. So as I enjoyed what was left of the afternoon out on my back deck, I crocheted, I frogged, and I crocheted again.

By the time my dog was ready for his a walk, I had finished work on one ten-round square:

ten-round granny square
The first ten-round square of a future practically perfect granny square bag

and one five-round square:

two crochet granny squares
Seen here with the first five-round granny square

At this point, I don’t really know who this bag is for, but I know I need to make it, so I will move forward as I always do: one stitch at a time.

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  1. Is there a pattern/tutorial for these granny bags or is this just for inspiration?

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