A practically perfect granny square bag

After letting much of Friday get away from me, I woke up Saturday determined to make progress on my granny square bag.

The first order of business was to tackle the seams of the double lining. Using a reddish purple embroidery floss that I had on hand, I got to work on the seaming as soon as I had eaten breakfast and walked the dog.

My efforts were interrupted in the afternoon, but I returned to it this morning, and shortly before lunch, I finished the necessary seaming:

Double fabric lining
The double lining mostly sewn and ready to be turned right side out

All that was left to do was to turn the double lining right side out:

turning the lining right side out
Turning the double lining rightside out

smooth out the corners and seams so it could be inserted into the crochet bag:

fabric double crochet purse lining
The double lining ready to be sewn into the bag

and then whipstitch the lining into place:

whipstitched fabric lining
The bag with the lining completed

By mid-afternoon, the only thing left to do was to weave in the ends of the two-round granny squares that formed the combination strap/finishing edge, and then attach them to the body of the bag.

To my delight, the pieces fit together better than I had hoped they would.

Here is one side of the newly completed bag:

granny square crochet purse
One side of the completed bag

and here is the other:

granny square crochet purse
The other side of the completed bag

The bag is practically perfect as it is, but as soon as I find the exact right button, I will secure it to one side and crochet a loop on the other so that the bag can be more securely closed.

In the meantime I will used my practically perfect bag to do, well, practically anything.

13 thoughts on “A practically perfect granny square bag

  1. Gorgeous! And, the lining is perfect in your practically perfect bag. Another winner.

  2. Perfectly beautiful, Leslie! My favorite side is number two simply because I love the hot pink and yellow in the center of the bag. Hope that describes the colors that you see in person. The bag is an excellent design and the handles such a nice touch. They could have been a solid color but I like that you continued the granny theme. Kudos to you, my friend.

  3. here comes the sun and the 60s allover again yup excellent and excellent beautiful job two thumbs up

  4. Perfectly perfect! And I love that you hand-sew your seams. The mere thought of having to drag out my sewing machine, and then trying to thread that beast, have kept me from crocheting or knitting anything that might remotely require using it. Now, hand-stitching makes this project a house of a different color!!

  5. Wow so beautiful and unique. I just love how colorful and pretty this bag is. Great job for sure!!

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