Purin comes to life

When I purchased the Hello Kitty Crochet book by Mei Li Lee, I had thought I was going to start with one of the Hello Kitty patterns (of which there are two). Instead, I found myself working on a character named Sugarbunny and another character named Purin, and in working on these two amigurumi, I learned a very important lesson, which is this: what size hook you use can determine whether or not your project comes to life.

By “comes to life,” I mean something very specific, and the very specific thing I mean is that the finished crochet object develops a character and personality that is separate and apart from the crocheter.

Here is how Purin appeared in the early afternoon still waiting for his back crochet paws to be attached:

Purin with a strand of yarn running through to mark where to place his paws
Preparing to attach Purin’s back paws

And here he is just minutes later with his paws in place and ready for me to, stuff him, finish the decreases, and then weave in the final end:

With his crochet paws all attached, Purin comes to life
Purin with all of his crochet paws attached

With a bag of poly fill at my side and a crochet hook that works especially well for stuffing, I did exactly that, and soon, Purin was completed and ready for adventure:

Purin the crochet golden retriever completed and ready for adventure
Purin, ready for adventure

I was pleased at how well Purin sits up all on his own without my having had to insert any additional armatures. I credit this to two things.

One is the design which is it’s own kind of perfection. The other is that I learned from a mistake I made.

My first effort at crocheting from this book was an absolutely adorable pink sugarbunny, and when I crocheted it with my 4.0 mm hook, I was perfectly pleased with it, but when I used the same hook and the same weight yarn to make the Purin pattern, the result was less amazing, and I ended up frogging it and using a 3.25 mm hook, and that change suddenly made Purin look more like it was possible for a yellow crocheted golden retriever to come bounding through the door.

It was then I decided that I needed to frog the pieces I had made and start fresh. Here is how it looked before tidying up:

The crochet sugarbunny in need of some recrocheting and tidying up
A Sugarbunny in a bit of crochet chaos

And here is how it looked thirty minutes later:

The recrocheted pieces of the sugarbunny tidied up and ready for assembly as it comes to life
A hot pink sugarbunny almost ready for assembly

In a perfect world, I would have selected the exact right hook from the very start to make a crochet amigurumi that comes to life , but the world is not perfect, it is just perfect enough, and sometimes just perfect enough is the best a person can do.