Dotghan 1.0 tutorial

Dotghan 1.0 (measures 32″ x 35″)

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Dotghan 1.0 crochet blanket

This project uses the game DOTS as its source of inspiraton

5.0 mm hook (H hook)

Red Heart Super Saver:

The background is worked in soft white.

The dots are made from: gold, spring green, delft, cherry red, and dark orchid


  • The first hdc of each row (including the foundation) is worked by pulling up a loop of approximately 1/2″ and then working an hdc into the stitch indicated.
  • For the foundation row, the hdc are worked into the back ridge of each chain.
  • After working the last hdc of each row, turn the piece counter clockwise.

In this video, I make a small half double swatch that demonstrates the three technical aspects mentioned in the above notes:

Now for the pattern:

Using Red Heart Super Saver soft white and a 5.0 mm hook, chain 90.

Row 1: Draw up a loop and work a hdc in the back ridge loop of 90th chain (mark the first hdc of the row with a stitch marker, hdc in each of the 89 remaining back ridge loops. (90 hdc).
Turn the piece counter clockwise.

Row 2: Draw up loop and work an hdc through both loops of the first stitch of the row, hdc in each of the remaining 89 sts (90 hdc).

Rows 3 – 81: repeat Row 2. Fasten off.

Half double dots:

Make a variety of dots in the colors listed above depending on how you want to arrange your dots.

Using a 5.0 mm hook, chain 4 and join with a slip st to the first chain made to form a loop.

Round 1: pull the loop on the hook up approximately 1/2″ and then work the first hdc into the loop. Work 9 more hdc into the loop. Join with a slip st to the first hdc made (10 hdc)

Round 2: Round 2: draw up loop as in previous round. Work 2hdc into same st as joining and in each st around (20 hdc). Join with sl st to first hdc of round 2. Leave a long tail (approximately 14″)  to applique dot onto afghan and fasten off.

Here is a video that demonstrates how I make the half double dots:

Once you have the dots made, space them out evenly onto the afghan and applique them neatly into place.

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