Another in a series of seemingly endless snow days

Yesterday, to my great relief, the trash trucks were finally able to navigate our street, and I was able to divest my house of two weeks worth of accumulated recyclables, but almost as soon as the walkways and roads were clear it began to snow again.

By the time I got up this morning, this was the sight that greeted me:

snow day Raleigh, North Carolina
The view from my front porch this morning

and this is how I felt about the snow:

snow day Raleigh, North Carolina
What I would like the snow to do

More than a little bit worn out by the weather, I did my best to ignore it altogether and set about to construct a mandala from the many crochet boho hearts I have made.

Having laid the hearts out for photos the other day, I decide that the arrangement I liked best was the one where the hearts were arranged in concentric circles.

Getting those same hearts to lay flat once joined proved to be a bit more of a challenge than when I arranged them on my porch, but after several missteps with various joining possibilities, I finally got a first round done to my satisfaction:

boho crochet hearts
The first round of boho crochet hearts

With that attended to, I was able to move onto to the second circle of hearts:

boho crochet hearts
Concentric circles of boho crochet hearts

With the second circle done, it was clear that I was going to need something to help hold it altogether, and I began working to design the pieces that will connect the rings.

As of tonight, I had finished work on a circle that will be joined to the interior of the innermost circle of hearts:

boho crochet hearts
Boho heart mandala with a circle at the center

I am now confident of two things: one is that I will get this done, and the other is that there are a lot of mistakes just waiting to be made as I make the journey from where I am with this mandala of boho hearts to the finished piece.