A change in the weather

This weekend, unlike the last, was free of sleet, snow, ice, and freezing rain.

There were moments, in fact, that it was almost balmy.

There was sunshine, the humidity was low, and I was able to get caught up on laundry and make some progress in sweeping up the sand that had been spread on the ice covered roads where I which my dog and I had tracked in.

It was hard to tear myself away from all that good weather, but I did, and when I finally sat down with hook and yarn, I put most of my effort into making more of the boho hearts that have so captivated me, and over the course of the weekend, I managed to finish thirteen more, and as the sun set on what has been a glorious (particularly for January in North Carolina) weekend, I managed to get this series of photos.

The first was of twelve of the thirteen boho hearts arranged in this four by three array:

twelve crochet hearts
Twelve of the thirteen boho crochet hearts

Next, I arranged them in a circle:

a circle of thirteen crochet hearts
The boho hearts circle the wagons

and finally, I put them into two rows:

thirteen boho crochet hearts
A baker’s dozen of boho hearts

While I was happy to have made progress on the hearts, I also wanted to finish work on the headband that I had made, which, while serviceable, was in need of some tricking out.

For seriously wonderful small scale crochet design, I usually turn to Norma Lynn Hood for inspiration (and directions), and I was not disappointed.

Using a 4.5 mm hook, worsted weight yarn, and Ms. Hood’s pattern for flower #1, (one of the elements of her panorama egg design), I got to work, and while I did not finish as many flowers as I want for the earwarmer, I did get a good start on it:

crochet flowers for a crochet ear warmer
I begin the process of tricking out a crochet earwarmer

There is, it seems, always more work to be done, and I will continue in my quest, on stitch at a time.