A journey of a thousand crochet squares

begins with a single stitch.

I try to keep this in mind whenever I feel overwhelmed by the enormity (and endlessness) of the journey of transforming the myriad bits of crochet that populate my life into five and six-inch crochet squares that can then become part of something larger.

And truth be told, I don’t know how many crochet squares will comprise this journey when all is said and done.

What I do know is this:

In the past forty-eight hours (when I was not sweeping, dog walking, or unpacking) I was working to transform these four would-be five-inch crochet squares:

Four crochet remnants unearthed on my crochet journey
Four crochet remnants on the journey to one thousand before rehab

into four actual five-inch crochet squares.

The point of this reworking would be to take them from odd-sized bits of yarn to full-fledged crochet squares that can much more easily be joined into a crochet blanket or shawl.

Building on what I had learned from all of the rehabbed crochet squares that had (and have) come before, I crocheted here, frogged there, and then finally wove in and trimmed the ends:

four more crochet squares on the journey to one thousand
Four more crochet squares on the journey to one thousand

I wasn’t disappointed.

But I didn’t think the photo did them justice, so I moved them around a bit took a second one:

four more crochet squares on my journey to one thousand
Four more five-inch crochet squares all in a row

Which also didn’t exactly do them justice, but at least it gives the reader another perspective on the same crochet squares.

A journey, it turns out, isn’t just where you are going, it also is a record of where you have been and the bits and pieces you pick up along the way.

So while these four crochet squares have obviously been transformed with stitches and color and rounds added to each one, what is not obvious is how I have been transformed by the process that created them, and only time will tell what has been added and subtracted from me on this crochet journey that I am working one stitch at a time.