A bit of progress

One of the reasons my progress on the granny square bag-to-be has slowed to a crawl is that I have to sew the lining, and like many crocheters I’ve met, I have an aversion to sewing that borders on the ridiculous, but today I made a bit of progress toward my goal.

While the skill required to sew the lining is rudimentary, so are my skills. I can thread a needle and not get the thread tangled too often or too badly, but the truth is my sewing is just (barely) good enough, and because I so seldom sew, it is unlikely that it will ever get much better.

My paternal grandmother, on the other hand, seems to have been a bit more practiced with her sewing than I am with mine. On the occasion of her older brother Hilbert’s marriage to his wife Grace, she embroidered this tea towel as a gift:

Detail of an embroidered tea towel
Detail of an embroidered tea towel

Each stitch is carefully made, and the back is as tidy as the front:

The back side of an embroidered tea towel
The back side of an embroidered tea towel

My own efforts with the inner and outer linings of the granny square bag-to-be were not quite as impressive, but I did manage to get the bottom seaming done:

crochet purse double fabric lining
I finish sewing six of the seams for the inner and outer lining

Which allowed me to fit one lining into the other in preparation for more sewing:

Double fabric lining for a crochet purse
The inner and outer linings ready to be sewn together

Having exhausted my sewing skills for the day, I set the linings aside and worked on joining the two-round granny squares that I am hoping will work as a combination edge trimming and strap for the completed bag:

granny square purse with granny square straps
The nearly completed granny square bag with straps

But despite my lack of sewing skill, each stitch (be it crochet or sewing) is both a record and testimony of the person I am at that specific moment in time; I am sure that some of my work will out live me, and one day someone might reflect on the bag I am making and remember me.

4 thoughts on “A bit of progress

  1. I’ve found that the time and energy procrastinating about projects like the linings tends to be much larger than the actual doing once I get myself in gear. Persistence, my dear- you are so very close!

  2. I know it too well! I messed up several projects with my sewing skills:(

    I love the bag! Will you be using a sewn-in cord to make the handles stronger?
    My sister did this when she made a knitted bag for me. It’s handles barely stretched at all!

  3. Yep, sewing aversion is holding me back on a project, too. Michelle is so right that usually, when I finally get down to sewing, it ends up to take WAY less time and energy than I thought it would (unless you count in the time and energy I spent fretting). Press on! Inspire me to finish my knitted pencil case (it needs lining and a zipper, egads)!

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