Two more squares

In ten days time, my youngest son will graduate from high school, and a rather lengthy chapter of my life will draw to a close.

In preparation for this paradigm shift, I am making a serious effort to get my crochet holdings in order, and what I am finding is that when a person has too much stuff (no matter how wonderful and interesting it may be), there is a point at which the stuff owns the person instead of the other way around.

It would seem that I reached that point awhile a go, and I am doing my best to divest myself of some of my holdings so that I can accomplish some goals that are important to me (for example, getting my many unwritten patterns written) and have a well ordered life.

Divesting oneself of one’s holdings, however, takes time, so while I made substantive progress on the divestment part of my organizing effort, my progress on the fourth practically perfect granny square bag was more modest.

I am in an unfamiliar color mood that is more late summer/early fall than late spring/early summer. As a result of my lack of experience with this array, my color choices are less certain and each square demands more of my attention and more revisions, but I have decided that I will ignore the sense that I am not getting as much done as I could, and I will celebrate finishing two new squares:

two granny squares
Two more squares for my fourth practicallly perfect granny square bag

rather than bemoaning the fact that they are not eight new squares.

As for the bag, it is not remotely close to done, but it is two squares closer to completion than it was:

four crochet squares
My progress on a fourth crochet bag

It has been just under twenty-seven years since my oldest son started kindergarten and my odyssey as the parent of a school-age child began, and while at times it seemed it would never end, the truth is, it very nearly has, and while I don’t know exactly what awaits me on the next leg of this adventure called life, I plan to have my crochet headquarters/office in order and be ready for whatever awaits me.

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  1. Congratulations on almost 3 decades of successful Parenting! I don’t have children, but I, too, have reached that point in life where I must “divest myself of some holdings” of the yarny type! One of several reasons I so enjoy your posts — you have such great ideas for putting yarn to good use! Thanks!

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